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Please label all of your children's belongings such as backpacks, lunch boxes, coats, sweatshirts, etc.  This will make it easier to find the owners of misplaced items.


Classroom Supply Lists

Grade 1
Grade 2

Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6


Learning about landforms and more 

When 6th graders created models of landforms, they learned much more than geography.

Thankful for those who have served

Lieutenant Colonel Danner made a special presentation on Veterans Day to Mary Bates' 5th-grade class, including an explanation of uniforms worn by those who serve. See photo below.


Veterans Day with Lt. Col. Danner

3-D learning about landforms - and more

What's made of frosting, cotton, moss, brownies, food coloring, Legos, flour, bark, sticks, rocks, acorns, paint, cardboard, plastic, clay, flour, wood, gummy candy, balloons, pipe cleaners and more? Why the landforms of the earth, of course!

For SCS 6th-graders, the project was about way more than geography: they grew their knowledge across a range of subjects and had fun learning, too. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTO GALLERY

Safety drills are routine and important

Fire drills, lockdown drills, go-home-early drills: all are a routine but important part of keeping students and staff prepared and our school safe. Practicing for emergencies is important for all of us, and drills will be held throughout the school year. As with fire drills, lockdown, lockout and other drills are not announced ahead of time.

Elementary students and WGNA: Don't be a bully

To prepare for October as Bullying Awareness Month, students in Karen Yager's 4th-grade class at Schoharie Elementary teamed up with Richie Phillips of the Sean, Richie and Bethany Show on radio station WGNA to create a brand new song, "Don't Be a Bully."

Phillips visited the class in September, but he is no stranger to SCS, having worked with students in the past to put positive messages to music.

On the WGNA webpage about this year's song, Phillips said, "Leave it to Mrs. Yager from Schoharie Elementary to come through when I was looking for a class to create a anti-bullying song to kick off our Anti Bullying Week on the Sean, Richie and Bethany Show. Much appreciated – and you should hear the result!

"This awesome group of kids – fourth-graders – created a song parody in under an hour to kickoff what’s going to be a very special week on our show. We’re starting an Anti-Bullying Awareness Week beginning October 3rd. We want to help start the new school year off on the right foot."

Read more and listen to their song at

SCS's own Daniel Cater honored at NY State Fair

Daniel Cater

Daniel Cater with his award-winning poetry at the New York State Fair. READ MORE

Mosaic mural photoed for displaytile

For many years, a piece of public art was displayed in the lobby of Schoharie Elementary. The mosaic mural of ceramic tiles illustrates children's interpretations of what a centennial celebration means.

The mosaic had to be placed in storage due to age-related deterioration. The mosaic is sadly beyond the point of salvation. However, it has been photographed as a means to preserve the project. READ MORE

Gallery features Elementary artists

Student artwork on display

Visitors to the Schoharie Central Schools administrative offices are greeted by a display of artwork created by several talented Schoharie Elementary students. READ MORE & VIEW GALLERY

SCS welcomes new principals

Kevin Calacone Andrea Polikoski

Appointed by the Board of Education on June 18, Elementary Principal Andrea Polikoski and Jr./Sr. High School Principal Kevin Calacone both started in July. READ MORE

State revises immunization requirements

Attention parents and guardians: effective September 1, 2015, the New York State Education Department and New York State Department of Health instituted new immunization requirements for students. Parents/guardians should contact their physician's office with questions. READ MORE

You don't have to be a parent to enjoy Parent Today!Parent Today logo

Parent Today is a free, monthly, award-winning email newsletter and companion website designed to help build a stronger bridge between families and the classroom.

Parent Today is filled with great information for parents, guardians, teachers and more. READ MORE

Body Mass Index is part of required school health check

New York State Education Law requires body mass index, or BMI, and weight status group to be included in a student’s school health examination. The State Health Department also surveys some schools concerning BMI each year. READ MORE

Elementary Parent Teacher Student Organization (EPTSO)

You can view a complete list of events on the EPTSO Web Page.

Helpful Informational Brochures for Parents
Published by the State Education Department

The State Education Department has published many brochures designed to help parents help their children. Below are links to printable PDFs of some of the brochures available.

Helping Your Child With Homework (PDF)

Helping Your Child Learn Science (PDF)

Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics (PDF)

Early Reading

Families can take part in encouraging reading growth for their children by visiting the "Get Ready to Read!" website at The site offers a number of skill-building activities for free as well as a selection of downloadable materials.  There is a "Transitioning to Kindergarten" tool kit to help early childhood professionals and parents plan activities and collect observations throughout the year leading up to Kindergarten.

lunch time fun


Looking for a past news item or photo?

Visit our District News Archive


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Andrea Polikoski

P.O. Box 430
136 Academy Drive
Schoharie, NY 12157
(518) 295-6651
Fax (518) 295-9506


Universal Pre-K Coordinator
Linda Nevulis
P.O. Box 430
136 Academy Drive
Schoharie, NY 12157
(518) 295-6657
Fax (518) 295-9514


Secretary to Principal
Jessie Griffin

Karen Gannon


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Link to A Parent's Guide to Special Education by the NYS Education Dept.
(For questions, please contact Director of Curriculum and Pupil Personnel Services Linda Nevulis at (518) 295-6657.


Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)





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