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Health Office

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When your child is sick

Please call Mrs. Roy at (518) 295-6660 to report any absence, and please note your child’s major complaint or illness. Please be aware that a written note is required by New York State law for all absences and late arrivals.

When should my child stay home?

Please help us prevent infection by keeping your children home when they have:

• Vomiting

• Diarrhea

• Fever higher than 100.4 degrees in the past 24 hours

• Uncontrollable coughing

• Strep throat (if on medication less than 24 hours) or

• Conjunctivitis (if on medication less than 24 hours)

Health alerts and allergies

It is imperative that the school nurse be aware of any medical conditions your child has. This includes existing medical conditions (e.g., asthma, diabetes) and allergies (e.g., environmental, food, bee stings, insect bites). Please keep the school updated on any changes in your child’s medical conditions and/or medications.

Medications at school

Note: Parents must bring any medication to the school nurse. Students must never bring medication on the bus to take to school.

For medication to be administered at the school, parents must supply:

• A note from a parent/guardian stating they would like medication given at the school.

• A note from the doctor stating the specific medication, dosage and time to be given.

• Medication in a clearly labeled bottle from a pharmacy, with the current date.

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BMI is part of required school health check

New York state requires schools to track each student's body mass index (BMI) and weight status category as part of school health examinations.

Every year, the New York State Department of Health surveys some schools for the number of students in each of six possible weight status categories. If Schoharie Central School District is surveyed by the state, the district will share summary group data only and will not share individual names or information.

Parents/guardians who wish to exclude their child's data from the summary group calculations should contact Elementary School Nurse Sherry Roy, 295-6660, or Jr./Sr. High School Nurse Suzan Weber, R.N. at 295-6634.

To determine BMI, a student is weighed and his/her height is measured. The BMI helps the nurse or doctor know if the student’s weight is in a healthy range or is too high or too low.

 The state uses BMI information to develop programs promoting child health. Only summary information is sent. No names or information about individual students are included.

State requires two doses of meningitis vaccination before grade 12

New York State requires students to be vaccinated against mennigococcal disease. For the 2017-18 school year, students entering 8th grade who did not receive their first dose of mennigococcal vaccine on or before the start of the 7th grade must meet the requirement.

Does your child need to be vaccinated? The answer depends on more than just your child’s age and grade level. READ MORE

Resources for parents & guardians

Flu Facts - Helpful info for parents, guardians, all of us

Influenza (the flu) is an infection of the nose, throat and lungs caused by influenza viruses, of which there are many, constantly changing strains. Flu is a serious and sometimes fatal illness.

Common symptoms of the flu include:

• Fever (usually high)

• Headache

• Muscle aches

• Chills

• Extreme tiredness

• Dry cough

• Runny nose may also occur, but is more common in children than adults

• Stomach symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, may also occur but are more common in children than adults

If your child is experiencing these symptoms, please keep your child home and consult your physician. Your child may have the flu and not exhibit all of the symptoms. School districts are required to report all cases of the flu to the Department of Health, so please contact your physician for verification if you suspect your child may have the flu.

Read more about the flu.

Winter weather safety

Outdoor activities such as sports, physical education, clubs, and playground/recess can be an important part of the school day, but particularly during winter, weather conditions, temperature and wind-chill must be reviewed to determine if such activities are safe for students and staff.

Extremely cold temperatures and wind chill can threaten health and safety and cause medical concerns. READ MORE


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Elementary School Nurse
Sherry Roy
(518) 295-6660

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