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Scholarships, awards recognize student achievement

SCS seniors at awards & scholarship ceremony

Schoharie Jr./Sr. High School honored its own at an annual awards and scholarships ceremony on June 7 in the auditorium. Congratulations to the following students.

Achievement Award: Haley Dorrough
All-Sports Booster Club Award: Winter Sparacin, Noah Valvo
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 1261 Award: Emma Touchette
American Legion Boys State: Mitchell Barton
Anthony Lawton Memorial Scholarship: Katlyn Schrom
Bank of Richmondville Award: Gregory Medak
Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Claire Williams
Blue Shield Scholars Program: Bryn MacDonald
Bryant & Stratton College Guidance Scholarship: Dakota Lathers
Clarkson Achievement Award: Hailey Schwartzmier
Clarkson Leadership Award: Lily Caza
Class of 2016 Award: Gregory Medak, Bryan Stolzenburg
CTE American Red Cross Scholarship Award: Dakota Lathers
CTE American Welding Society Scholarship: Tanner Kent
CTE Bryant and Stratton Scholarship Award: Dakota Lathers
CTE Outstanding Student, Internet Application & Design: Dakota Schaffer
Eccentric Club Award: Caitlyn Cacciolfi
Edward M. Scribner Scholarship Award: Joseph Polley
Elmira College Key Award: Emily Stevens, Michael Teeter
English Department Award: Bryan Stolzenburg
FFA Scholarship Award: Alexis Borst, Alexis Danthine
Foreign Language Department Award: Emma Trendell
Frederick Douglas & Susan B. Anthony Award: Sarah Helmstadt
Fritz Rolfe Scholarship: Joseph Polley
George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Lily Caza
George T. Guest Memorial Award: Bryn MacDonald
GlaxoSmithKline Award: Bryan Stolzenburg
Harry I. Kintz Memorial Award: Angelica DeMarco
Henry C. Badgley Award: Emily Cooper, Sarah Cooper, Alexis Danthine, Maddie Henry, Brianna Readdean, Katlyn Schrom, Amaya Taylor, Emma Touchette, Hannah VanDerwerken, Makayla Williams
HIVE Award: Brianna Readdean
Instrumental Department Award: Angelica DeMarco
Instrumental Director’s Award: Bryan Stolzenburg
Instrumentalist Magazine Musician-ship Award: Sarah Wright
John Phillip Sousa Award: Capri VanDerwerken
Julia O. Wells Memorial Scholarship: Natalie Mitchell
Key Club Scholarship Award: Alexis Borst, Winter Sparacin, Noah Valvo, Capri VanDerwerken
Key Club/Red Cross Blood Drive Award: Bryn MacDonald, Winter Sparacin
Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Emma Trendell, Noah Valvo
Knights of Pythias Achievement Award: Courtney, Koons, Perry Lawyer
Lawrence Pohl Music Scholarship Award: Sarah Wright
Lawrence Tech University: Claire Williams

SCS juniors at awards & scholarship ceremony

Library Research Award: Savannah Sweet, Emma Trendell
Lisa (Schulmeister) Karlin School Spirit Award: Alexander Roselli, Caroline Wetsel
Margaret Nethaway Bliss Scholarship: Gregory Medak
Marian Settle Memorial Music Scholarship Capri VanDerwerken
Math Department Award: Gregory Medak, Emma Touchette, Noah Valvo, Sarah Wright
Mike Keyser Memorial Award: Jessica Jaqueway
Music Department Award: Sarah Wright
Nancy Widen Swart Memorial: Capri VanDerwerken
National School Choral Award: Angelica DeMarco, Jessica Jaqueway
NYS Academic Excellence Award: Gregory Medak, Bryan Stolzenburg, Emma Trendell
Peter Weiss Memorial Scholarship: Katlyn Schrom
Performing Arts Award: Bryn MacDonald, Bryan Stolzenburg
Prudential Spirit of Community Certificate of Achievement: Jaydan Guasp, Katie Touchette
Prudential Spirit of Community Certificate of Merit: Adrianna Cornell, Carolyn Krohn, Jack O’Leary, Matthew Loubier
Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Award: Harley Stevens
Rebecca Coughtry Merit Scholarship Award: Haley Dorrough
Rensselaer Medal: Christopher Snyder
RIT Computing Medal: Jennifer Stanton, Jackson VanDerwerken
RIT Creativity & Innovation Award: Jacob Fagnani, Harley Stevens
Schoharie Central Employee Association Award: Blaine Rose, Renee Stalker
Schoharie County Counselors Association: Natalie Mitchell, Capri VanDerwerken
Schoharie Kiwanis Award: Capri VanDerwerken
Schoharie Promotional Assoc. Achievement Award: Alexis Borst, Kyle Cornwell
Schoharie Teachers Association Award: Angelica DeMarco, Blaine Rose
Schoharie Youth Soccer Volunteer Award: Jessica Jaqueway
Science Department Award: Gregory Medak, Bryan Stolzenburg
Social Studies Department Award: Kyle Cornwell
State of New York Triple “C” Award: Rebecca Bortell, Breanna Kent
Steven Hoard Memorial Scholarship: Noah Valvo
St. Michaels College Book Award for Schoharship: Mitchell Barton, Emma Bernhardt
Student Sage Award: Cassandra Bortell, Megan Kruzinski
Students Against Destructive Decisions Scholarship: Capri VanDerwerken
Superintendent’s Salutatorian Award: Bryan Stolzenburg
Superintendent’s Valedictorian Award: Gregory Medak
Theodore Pierce Memorial Award: Emma Trendell
Town of Wright Lions Club Award: Theresa Cater
U-Albany Multicultural HS Achievers Award: Holly Yauchler
Vocal Director’s Award: Capri VanDerwerken
Vocal Music Department Award: Sarah Wright
Warren Tillapaugh Scholarship: Samantha Cook, Bryan Stolzenburg
Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award: Belle Antonovich, Sarah Helmstadt
Xerox Award of Innovation and Information Technology: Belle Antonovich


Photo info: top photo is seniors, second photo juniors






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