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Homework Hotline - Grade 8

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English l Social Studies l Science l Math l Foreign Language


Teacher/Subject Updated April 27, 2017
Mrs. Kenyon
Science Fun Day

Mr. Clayton / English 8H
Conduct interview for A Life Worth Knowing


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Mrs.Krohn/Eng 8
4/27: Finish reading "Leona" and "Sam", complete Discussion Questions.

Independent Reading
Course Description
Rules and Expectations

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Ms. Vincent/Eng 8
4/27: WOWs due on Monday next week, NOT Tuesday!

WOW words

Parent info

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Social Studies            
Mr. Russell
Social St 8

4/4: Enroll in Google Classroom. Use code: kpxc49

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Mrs. Robinson
Science 8
4/27: HW Review packet #4 due Monday,
May 1
Egg Car Lab report due Monday, May 1
Newton's Laws of Motion Test moved from Monday, May 1 to Friday, May 5
4/24: HW State Exam Review Packet #4 due Monday, May 1st
Study for Newton's Laws of Motion Test scheduled for Monday, May 1st
Science State Exam Reminders:
1. Performance Labs - Thursday, May 25th
2. Written Test - Monday, June 5th
Students can access review videos through Google Classroom or watch Test Prep videos from Youtube Playlist
4/12: HW Review Packet #3 due April 24 Monday
4/10: HW Review Packet #3 due April 24
4/7: HW Review packet #2 due Monday
4/5: Continue working on Motion Graphing choice projects, due Friday
Study for Motion Graphing Test on Friday
HW Review #2 due Monday
Continue to work on HW Review packet #2 due next Mon
Study for Motion Graphing Test this Friday 4/7
Work on Motion Graphing Choice Project

3/27: Students should be working on their Science State Exam Review Packets. Read the accompanying study guide and answer the questions; they should complete 5 questions a day for HW. All packets total are worth 200 quiz points. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.
Review Packet #2 - due Monday 4/10/17
Review Packet #3 - due Monday 4/24/17
Review Packet #4 - due Monday 5/1/17

Parent letter / Survey

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Ms. Wilson
Spec. Ed.

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Mrs. Wissenbach
Math 8
4/25: Journal wksht #17
4/11: pg 533-536 2,3,6,7,11-13
4/10: pg 523-526 1-3,7,10,11,13; hand in #9 on graph paper
4/7: pg 495-498 2,3,6,11,12 and pg 503-506 2,5,9,13,14
4/6: no new hw get in back work tomorrow is last day to turn in take home quiz
4/5: study for 2D/3D- geometry quiz on Thurs.  Get take home quiz in if you haven't turned it in yet
4/4: finish work sheet 12-9 and riddle D-45
4/3: take home quiz due Tues.  Show work on each 588 1-9,pg 598 24-27 and pg 606 33-35; also due for hw on Tues pg 611-614 2,4-6,8-12even, 13,26

Class Policy

To access math book and tutorials register at:
You can register with redemption code:  RNS9-NLR1-VXZQ

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Ms. Cronin
Int Alg 8

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Foreign Language       
Ms. Peterson
Spanish 8

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Specials 8
Mrs. Gould / Music Info
Tech. 8

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